Harley Davidson To Recall All 2014 Motor Trikes


The administration for National Highway Traffic has officially issues a recall on Harley Davidson 2014 motor trikes due to a leak within the brake system. Apparently, the malfunction is due to an improper fork bracket which results in a loss of brake fluid. According to the official tally of recalled items, 436 units have been collected.

Harley-Davidson was made known to this issue back in August when their Recall Investigation Committee received a phone call from one of their Pennsylvania assembly plants. Although there were no formal customer complaints or claims, the Motor Company still chose to suspend their shipments from that plant. 

It was one motor trike dealer who made a call on the potential defect to the brake system that created an overly excessive steering angel. The Recall Investigation Committee determined “a safety related defect existed in the subject population and declared a recall to remedy the issue.”

Any customers who purchased a 2014 motor trike will have their fork bracket stem replaced at no cost. Remember, when purchasing a motor trike that you are choosing a retailer that will look out for your best interest and safety.